The island of Andros covers 374 sq. km (147 sq. miles). Its highest mountains are Petalo and Kouvara with Profitis Elias being the highest peak reaching 997 m.

There are four rivers flowing across the island from west to east, passing through fertile green valleys. These are the Arni river falling into the Bay of Levka, river Megalos falling into Paraporti beach (Chora), the Achla river falling into Achla bay and the Dipotamata river falling into Sineti bay.

Andros is the greenest among all the Cycladic islands. Its lush vegetation is made up of oaks, centuries old plane trees, cypresses, olive, walnut and lemon trees.

Andros is also famous for its numerous springs. The most famous of all are the “Sariza Springs”. Sariza mineral water is best known for properties aiding kidney problems. The water is bottled in Sariza and distributed all over Greece. Other renowned springs of Andros are Lezina, Zenio at Kouvara, Koumoulos at Menites, Meliti and Metohi at Strapourgies, Avyssos at Levadia and Akoe and Levada at Lamyra.

The villages of Andros are ideal for touring. The busiest of them are Andros town (Chora), which is the capital of the island, Gavrio, Batsi, Korthi, Apoikia and Paleopolis. Driving from one village to the other you will come across beautiful beaches with fine white sand and small pebbles. There are also remote beaches that can only be approached by caique.