Iro Suites are located at Chora, just one kilometer from the  main street with the museums and Niborio beach.

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After a two-hour trip from the port of Rafina, you will arrive at Gavrio, the port of Andros. You will follow the main road from Gavrio to Andros (Chora).
You will pass over the villages of Batsi, Aprovatou, and Palaiopoli.
After Palaiopoli, in about 10 minutes, you will turn left, at the intersection, to Andros (Chora).
After you pass the villages of Pitrofos and Messaria, you will find an intersection in which you will turn left, following IRO SUITES sign.
After 50 meters, you will turn right again following the road.
After 300 meter you will see Iro Suites at your left side.